World Remit Pay FAQ’s

World Remit Pay® is a trusted FINTRAC-Regulated MSB licensed to offer 100+ foreign currencies with the best currency exchange rates and the safest money transfers across the world. Buy & Sell foreign currency, international remittance & payments. Proudly 100% Canadian Owned, Operated business located in the heart of the Toronto.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

World Remit Pay® – Trusted FINTRAC-Regulated MSB licenced to offer 100+ foreign currencies with the best currency exchange rates and the safest money transfers across the world.  Any Canadian corporate or private client that has foreign exchange requirements (receivable or payable). Typical industry verticals and clients include:

  1. Foreign property purchasers (Florida, Arizona, California, or anywhere in the US or Europe);
  2. Small and medium sized businesses;
  3. Publicly traded companies (oil and gas and mining);
  4. Importers and exporters;
  5. Manufacturers;
  6. Wholesalers and distributors;
  7. Transportation;
  8. Non-profit organizations;
  9. Government organizations;
  10. Accountants; and
  11. Law firms

No. There are no costs to register with World Remit Pay Foreign Exchange. There are no account maintenance fees or any hidden charges. You can test our service with a small amount to see how it works.

Our World Remit Pay foreign exchange team is just one phone call away and ready to help you open an account. Please call us at _____________ to speak with a member of our firm or get started here. We are regulated and are required by law to validate the identity of everyone we work with.

Once you have created an account, you are ready to book your first exchange. When you are interested in making an exchange, contact our trading floor at ________ and one of our representatives would be happy to lock in an exchange rate for you, as well as explain the process.

Once you have uploaded your documents, you will receive an automated email reply confirming receipt from World Remit Pay. This means that we are validating your submission. You should receive an email from our compliance department once your account has been created, which usually is completed within one business day.

If we require additional information from you, we will contact you by email. If you fail to receive an email reply from us within one business day, kindly check your spam inbox.

Creating a personal account is super simple. To begin registering for a personal account, click here to complete the registration process. Complete the form entitled “Get Started”. We will prompt you for the additional information required to set up the account once the form has been completed. To signup as a corporation, the completion of the “Corporate Form”, is required.

It can be found on the same page. In addition to the application form, we are required to verify your ID, as well as your address. You will be required to send us a high quality photo or scan of a valid piece of identification (a driver’s license or a passport), as well as a copy of a bank statement (or picture of your online banking) showing your name and the bank account number for one deposit account in Canada.

You can upload your documents here but only after you have started the process by clicking on “Get Started” at the top. Once your account has been approved, we will send you an email with your World Remit Pay account number. Once you have your account number, you can call our trading floor at _________ to book an exchange.

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